Sunday, July 29, 2007

megan + daniel, the wedding

I met Megan + Daniel for the very first time on the wedding day; as both the couple and all of the guests (except two!) live out of state. Daniel's family flew in from Columbia while Megan's family came from the mid-west. The wedding was extremely intimate, having only 14 guests in attendance. Immediate family and close friends were a part of the gathering and I loved the beauty of such a small wedding.
The decor was romantic with a very classic feel amongst the gardens of The Ritz Carlton, Marina Del Rey. Marcia from Crystal Clear Weddings organized and planned the event... It was great to work with her once again, her personality is so warm and she's always full of ideas (and organization!)
Congrat's you both! Enjoy married life!!!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

chandra + rini

Chandra and Rini will marry in Oakland in September (I can't wait!) but until then, we held an engagement session in Santa Monica... Chandra had a love affair with sunsets, while Rini loved the look of urban backdrop, preferring the alley ways and fencing. We walked around a bit to satisfy both cravings, and even ended up on the ferris wheel. I had such a good time and am looking forward to seeing them become husband and wife!

Monday, July 23, 2007

dv artistry

I recently photographed Dan from DV Artistry. He was looking for some new head shots for his upcoming redesigned website. The goofball told me he wanted serious shots, but there was no way that was happening! If anyone knows Dan, they know that he is 50% smiles and 50% laughter. so a straight face? makes no sense. however, i humored him with a few rock star-straight faced shots...

Saturday, July 14, 2007

e-mail troubles!

I apologize but apparently I have had a glitch within my e-mail system and many have not been getting to me... I am told they are bouncing back... However, if you have e-mailed and not yet received a reply, please try writing again as the problem should be resolved... Otherwise if you are exasperated with e-mail; feel free to call anytime and we can chat. I apologize for the inconvenience...

Saturday, July 07, 2007

just another day in paradise :)

suthi and i have been shooting together for quite some time (4 years now!!) and must be either camera hogs or complete dorks; because each wedding is guaranteed to have at least one photograph of us in these wacky poses. we have quite the collection. it's either making shadow puppets, dancing with a guest or two, raiding the photo booth or putting bugs on our faces (have no idea what i was thinking there!!).... regardless, you gotta love weddings. i sure do. it's a rough life. :)