Wednesday, September 10, 2008

kim + annie . the wedding

kim + annie were married on the 10 year anniversary of their very first kiss... does it get any sweeter? They've lovingly celebrated with three other commitment ceremonies in the past. Kim writes; "a domestic partnership in West Hollywood, domestic partnership with the state of California, and thanks to the trail blazing Gavin Newsom... married in San Francisco in 2004 after spending the night in the rain...that one of course was nullified." 
I'm so proud to have shared this day with these two... I've photographed commitment ceremonies in the past; but being this was a legal same sex ceremony; there was just a beautiful & exciting energy to the day... 
after all, love is love. 
Congrats kim + annie; I'm so incredibly happy to have met.

Kim describes "that all though we've been together for a long time...this feels different. We've always thought that people who said that were odd, but all the planning, the decisions, the preparations, the vows...the loving energy and support from friends and just  somehow feels different. It just feels like we are married - which is for us more than committed. Whether that is the ritual or the public validation...we aren't sure, but we like it and we just don't want it to be taken away again. But if it is...we'll do it again until it sticks."

. the list .

bridal gowns: BCBG
make up artist: Amanda Jacobellis
hair artist: Maria Prendergast (updos) Rhett O'Donnell (color)
wedding coordinator: Mary Ellen Bivens
ceremony location: private residence in brentwood, ca
invitations: William Ernest Brown
floral: Kim,  friends + family
catering: Basix Catering
bakery/cake: Cathy Sudo, Lark Cake Shop

Monday, September 01, 2008

the pink project . one more month

As many of you know, the pink project has been a project very close to my heart... I've been so proud and excited to be apart of it by donating $100 from each boudoir session over the last year and a half... October 31st will mark the finish of this goal (and well, this dream of mine) In the end; that date will also mark one year since my mother-in-law's passing due to breast cancer. If you are considering the beauty of boudoir; please consider reserving a session before this date to contribute to their heartfelt cause; proceeds benefiting breast cancer and rape... 
please pass this along we're close to my personal goal!!!! 
much love

as a side note, i know i've mentioned their book is available for purchase; but if you haven't picked up a copy yet-- do so!!!! Valerie is an incredibly talented photographer and this book as is the end result to a lot of hard work and dedication by both her and Michelle... Proceeds benefit both causes and it makes a great gift for survivors and photographers alike...