Wednesday, April 30, 2008

the engagement . nina + neil

nina + neil are adorable together! we roamed shoreline village and the sands of long beach, as they giggled and just oozed bliss. I'm so, so excited to photograph their big day in the coming months! Until then, enjoy a glimpse into their engagement session!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

a day in the life... the laney family

Since having my son, I've loved the idea of capturing every day life within my family-- showing Lucas' tantrums, smiles, tears, sleepy eyes... along with showing our connection with him and our daily rituals: our morning walks, crazy dancing, and those huge hugs he springs upon us.

So, because of the joy these photos have brought my family; I'm thrilled to begin offering A Day In The Life Sessions within Skye Blu. These sessions allow me to take a peek into your life's moments, giving you visuals of the simple things (or big moments) in life. The sessions include a custom coffee table book to display your story...

The Laney's welcomed me into their home a few weeks ago and allowed me to document a day within their lives... I had SO much fun; these boys are amazingly kind and so adorable.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

missing pieces . the short film

Missing Pieces needs your help! It's an incredibly quirky, funny, and lovable short film. I had the opportunity to photograph the last day of shooting last summer and it's so fun to see it's completion... Please visit to view the film, it's now on rotation on the first page and needs more views (like, now!) in order to go to the next level (the upcoming film festival!)
In all honesty, I'm not pimping out some random film, I LOVED it :) So, please check it out and comment on its glimpse into the awkward beauty of life...

p.s. it also features Rainn Wilson, an actor who happens to star in two of my favorite tv shows: six feet under and the office!!!!! he's wonderful in this as well.