Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Out of The Office. WooHoo!!!

It's been a crazy few weeks, been a busy little bee photographing but also bought a house on September 1st, so we move in in a couple of weeks... We're also flying to New York this evening... Yes, on September 11th. I'm leery and not excited about that, but that's the way it goes; I suppose..... We'll be gone 9 days and have killer tickets for a Red Sox game, a Yankees game... and Wicked on Broadway (guess which one was my pick :)
So Exciting! We'll see how our little man does on the plane, crossing our fingers that he actually sleeps the entire time... or at least sits quietly and happily.
I'll givea full update upon my return with pictures (duh)

While away, I'll still be checking e-mail and phone messages, and will respond every couple of days!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Caroline + Jonathan Trash the dress!!!

Caroline told me she wanted to trash her dress, but made it very clear that she was looking for something really off the wall and unique. a junkyard. although it was a bit challenging to gain permission, we managed and I'm so happy we did. When we began shooting, we even found a "convertible" school bus. Being that Caroline is a teacher, it suited the photo shoot perfectly. Leave it to Caroline to come up with such crazy, wonderful ideas!!!!!

Natalie and Quan Trash the Dress!!!

This was SO fun!!!!! I just don't know how else to descibe it besides fun. I felt like a kid running through the sprinklers in the midst of summer.... It was just so freeing to be in the ocean. Natalie was referred to me by the awesome Caroline (whom I photographed for the Inside Edition boudoir photography segment, along with her wedding and Trash the Dress session!) So, although I hadn't met Natalie or Quan before, I knew I'd love 'em since Caroline is such a blast... Natalie, Quan and I hit it off and had such a great time... They were up for getting completely soaked (see last photo!!!) and it was well worth it. I loved this, it was just too much fun! I had been looking forward to this type of session for awhile and it really lived up to what I'd hoped it would be.... Thanks, Natalie, for allowing me to help "Trash your dress"

Friday, September 07, 2007

the brennan family...

We've got a one year old on our hands! I photographed the Brennans last year when Susan was pregnant with this cutie pie; it's so neat to be able to see them one year later with a bouncing baby girl!!!! Isn't she too cute? She has daddy's smile, definitely!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

hila + matt... the wedding.

Hila + Matt were married at a ranch in Malibu at NIGHT. This is a super long post since it was so unusual for me to photograph a wedding ceremony at 9pm at night! It was incredibly romantic being out in the field that late in the calm of the night--it was so peaceful there. The Chuppah glowed as everyone looked on while they were married in Jewish tradition... then the party raged for hours with live music. The decor was beautiful-- very dreamlike being under the stars and trees with lanterns and an abundance of white flowers... plus unforgettable spread of food. The night went beautifully...