Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Out of The Office. WooHoo!!!

It's been a crazy few weeks, been a busy little bee photographing but also bought a house on September 1st, so we move in in a couple of weeks... We're also flying to New York this evening... Yes, on September 11th. I'm leery and not excited about that, but that's the way it goes; I suppose..... We'll be gone 9 days and have killer tickets for a Red Sox game, a Yankees game... and Wicked on Broadway (guess which one was my pick :)
So Exciting! We'll see how our little man does on the plane, crossing our fingers that he actually sleeps the entire time... or at least sits quietly and happily.
I'll givea full update upon my return with pictures (duh)

While away, I'll still be checking e-mail and phone messages, and will respond every couple of days!

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echo said...

Welcome back Danielle! And thanks for sharing your vacay pics! Lucas is SO big now...and I love his two bottom teeth!