Saturday, October 13, 2007

the east coast.

so, it's been awhile since i last posted; here's a little recap from our amazing trip to the east coast... I must say, it's interesting to be on vacation, yet back in the hotel at 7:30pm every night. that's something new since having the munchkin!!!! the sad part was, we were exhausted and actually fell asleep each night by 9!!

To those who have wanted to see these photographs and have been asking, assuming I'd take landscape and artistic photographs--- I regret to tell you that when I vacation, the camera is used for self portraits and goofy shots, so none of these will be on gallery walls!!!!!!
so, feel free to take a look at our family vacation.

Lucas didn't know what to make of the plane trip, and we were amazed that he was content both there and back... especially since the flight home was a 10 hour ordeal with a missed flight --resulting in LOTS of time to kill at the airport. here we are, our first plane ride all together! lucas mainly stayed happy due to the nonstop consumption of food--notice his not-so-clean face :)
I promised myself that the first time I visited the east coast, I'd visit a really old cemetary, so this was my treat. I just love the history and imagining all of the stories from so long ago. This cemetary was from the 1700s and was located in Boston.

Lucas' preferred method of travel.
on a tour bus, we're classic tourists and stand out like sore thumbs anywhere we go; complete with a billion cameras, local novelty attire and maps :)
lucas wide awake one moment...
sound asleep the next.
my cutie pie. he couldn't get enough of all of the steps in boston. we spent much time climbing, up and down. up and down.
a night out on the town at the yankees game!
Lucas doesn't have much hair, but the 10 strands he does have were getting long. So, I thought it would be fun to get his first hair cut in new york city. he didn't like it too much.

his reward? time at central park. we ended up spending a ton of time there over the course of the trip, I think the park was my favorite memory. i love this photo John took of Lucas and I walking away.
and then there was more play time.

the cars were fascinating.

park again :)

and John & I at Wicked. night #2 out on the town alone. I was in love with this play. i had a goofy grin on my face the entire time, and was in tears by the end, SO fun. I LOVE plays, so being at a Broadway show was incredible. i think I'm addicted and will need to go back.
and afterward in Times Square.

the end.


Jolene said...

everything looks amazing Danielle! Welcome home!!!! aww, littlr Lucas is growing up so fast! I love his haircut...such a handsome baby boy!

Ricci said...

Lucas looks just like his momma!! too cute! I like the new layout for the blog, too ;)