Wednesday, July 30, 2008

. canvas wraps . my new love!

I have been dying to order some canvases for my home and here they are!!! I'm thrilled and will be ordering more of my cutie pie (Luca) and some additional scenics from Italy; but here are the two I have below! 
I'll be offering these to my clients as well; they can be created from film or digital work and vary in size from 5x5 to as large as 30x40! The photograph is printed on an actual canvas then wrapped on wood for display--no framing necessary.
exciting ;) 

Featured photographer on Photography

I am thrilled to announce that I am the featured photographer within Robert Evans' Mentoring website this month... A few months ago, Robert approached me asking if I could discuss boudoir and hold a few shoots to be filmed for his website. I have always admired Robert's business in many ways; his success and vision for the past 20 years is definitely something I aspire to emulate. He's actually one of two photographers I immediately fell for when I first discovered wedding photography and is one of the reasons I decided to pursue this in the first place!! (he made me realize wedding photos could be fun and exciting rather than the traditional shots I had always seen growing up!) 
Being asked by him to speak about something I love so much (boudoir) was really wonderful. is a website where photographers (all levels of experience) can gain a look into both Robert's business as well as other guest speakers' as they discuss different aspects of the business; from shooting tips, to marketing, business, etc. New clips, forums and other info are constantly updated. I fell in love with the concept and now that it has launched, it definitely doesn't disappoint.
By becoming a member, photographers can gain access to all 3 shoots we filmed, flash cards for some of my favorite poses along with tips, and a 6 part interview (which I will not be watching, but I hope its beneficial to others!!!! heehee!) Memberships last for a year; check it out! 

Sunday, July 27, 2008

published . bride's magazine . fall/winter 2008

So excited!!! Bride's magazine approached me a couple of months ago to discuss boudoir photography and I just came across the finished product on the newstands!!!! I wasn't sure if any of the interview or photos would make it in, so how happy was i when i saw this!?!?!?!
Thanks for thinking of me, Bride's!!!
(and a HUGE thank you to my beautiful, happy bride (and now, mom-to-be!), nikki!)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

the boudoir session . anna

I had the opportunity to photograph Anna this past Spring... She graciously volunteered to have her entire session filmed for an upcoming segment within Robert Evan's mentoring site... She handled the 'audience' well and looked amazing! It was a long day shooting for the piece so we ended up finishing the session on the roof to take advantage of the sunset...
it pushed me to try a new locale and i'm now loving the roof! 

Friday, July 11, 2008

big sur . the 2nd birthday

In May, my baby boy turned 2 years old-- he's a kid now!!!! We (My mom, John, Lucas and I) decided to celebrate in Big Sur and it was wonderful... I highly recommend a trip up the coast to unwind (and more importantly to eat like kings!!!) We had the most amazing dishes throughout the trip, quaint restaurants, beautiful views, organic delights... My favorite places being Big Sur Bakery, Nepenthe, and Deetjen's.  We stayed at Big Sur Campground and Cabins which was SO relaxing. Lucas had a blast exploring, playing at the river, the playground, and the basketball courts.

We drove to Monterey to visit the aquarium only to learn he's still a bit too young to fully enjoy it. We were way more into it than he was!

We stopped in some small towns, including Castroville so we could check out the artichoke capital :), and the Dennis the Menace park (highly recommend for little ones! it's HUGE) 

We celebrated his birthday dinner where he figured out how to blow out the candles. It took a few tries but once he nailed it, we lit them again, and again, and again so he could keep going.

a hike (very low grade, you might just call it a stroll!) to Pfeiffer Falls...

his birthday balloon below!!!!

our last stop was at a seal beach, where they lounge and relax in the sun....
Happy Birthday Luca!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

megan + peter . the wedding

Megan + Peter were married at the Los Angeles River Center & Gardens this past Spring in front of their friends and family... and it was beautiful. simply beautiful. 

These two are so adventurous; their stories amaze and inspire me. They met in Guatemala --Peter was at the tail end of a six month traveling stint and Megan was studying Spanish on a grant from Grad school. Their travels overlapped for two wonderful weeks and in that time; they decided to pursue a relationship... For the past five years, they have been in a long distance love, traveling on the weekends to see one another. Peter living in Los Angeles, Wisconsin, and Arkansas, while Megan resided in Minneapolis and Belize!!!!!

Now married, their flights continue but they'll soon reside in the same state, same city, same home :) These two are so connected and listening to their friends and family, I learned so much about their huge and beautiful hearts...

Congrats you two, enjoy married life!

Ceremony & Reception: LA River Center & Gardens
Coordination: Angel Swanson, Events Of Love and Splendor
DJ: Red Shoe entertainment
Floral: Flora by Fauna