Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Featured photographer on Photography

I am thrilled to announce that I am the featured photographer within Robert Evans' Mentoring website this month... A few months ago, Robert approached me asking if I could discuss boudoir and hold a few shoots to be filmed for his website. I have always admired Robert's business in many ways; his success and vision for the past 20 years is definitely something I aspire to emulate. He's actually one of two photographers I immediately fell for when I first discovered wedding photography and is one of the reasons I decided to pursue this in the first place!! (he made me realize wedding photos could be fun and exciting rather than the traditional shots I had always seen growing up!) 
Being asked by him to speak about something I love so much (boudoir) was really wonderful. is a website where photographers (all levels of experience) can gain a look into both Robert's business as well as other guest speakers' as they discuss different aspects of the business; from shooting tips, to marketing, business, etc. New clips, forums and other info are constantly updated. I fell in love with the concept and now that it has launched, it definitely doesn't disappoint.
By becoming a member, photographers can gain access to all 3 shoots we filmed, flash cards for some of my favorite poses along with tips, and a 6 part interview (which I will not be watching, but I hope its beneficial to others!!!! heehee!) Memberships last for a year; check it out! 

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