Saturday, July 29, 2006

Inside Edition shoot! Day One.

Today was the first day of filming for Inside Edition's upcoming segment on boudoir photography. My hair stylist might be mad though. heehee... I got this great haircut (by Gilbert at Ravissant Salon) I wanted to look super cute for my TV appearance!!! and what do I do? put it in a ponytail... my usual. I guess I'm just hair-imparied...
It will be aired at the end of August and I'm so excited! Two brides and their boudoir experiences will be showcased and I am lucky enough to be the photographer to document this! I think we got some amazing shots today and Sarah did great (despite the camera crew watching!) Marilyn Ghigliotti did hair and make up for the shoot and so Sarah just looked so beautiful.
Sarah is getting married in two weeks, and will have the maid of honor deliver these to her husband-to-be on the morning of the wedding... Her fiance will flip, what a hottie :)

Friday, July 28, 2006

the karlichs...

I love the Karlichs. What a cool group. The bonus is that I have been able to watch them grow as a family. Over the last couple of years, I've documented their boudoir, engagement, wedding, and now, their new family portraits. [A bouncing baby boy , named Jensen arrived 9 months ago!]
I also learned that Mike is up for an emmy for the second time for his work editing "That 70's show" [Congrat's, Mike! you know I'm crossing my fingers and am super excited for you! I'll be watching]
Shannon had a really neat necklace from they were tiny dog tags that were personalized with their kids names. Looks like I'm going to have to get a Lucas necklace now! :)
I love this first photo, Jensen is attacking Dean's hair.. Poor Dean, and mom & dad just laughed... and laughed.

Jennette and I got together to shoot some of her mother-in-law's new line Jeannpu collections. We had a blast! check out the line at:

mark, sharoni & isabella...

I photographed Sharoni & her family last week. Sharoni and I met awhile back when I shot her boudoir photos, so it was nice to reconnect and meet the family! They are all so sweet and Isabella is absolutely adorable. However, the last two photos show that she hit a point where she was "done." You can see Dad trying to convince her that more photos would be "fun." she wasn't buying... oh well, she's just as cute grumpy! too funny... Congrat's to Mark & Sharoni, they are getting married next weekend!!!

a cutie pie update

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

sylvia + jimmy

I shot Sylvia + Jimmy in downtown LA near little tokyo & the art district, it was such a blast... I love their chemistry, they make such a cute couple! They are getting married this October at the Long Beach Museum of Art...