Wednesday, January 30, 2008

nikki + kirk . the wedding

so as you can see from the decor; nikki + kirk were married in the fall. i know, i know... it's now way past the fall season. but its worth the wait!

some of my favorite highlights/moments:
. the officiant was nikki's grandpa and he gave such a heartfelt ceremony
. the groom's cake was designed to look like drums (since kirk is a drummer) i only wish i could snag a pic from his 80's band showing off his rocker hair and oh-so-cool attitude :) please, kirk?
. trees with autumn color leaves were placed throughout the locale, creating such a cool ambiance
. nikki and her dad had the coolest father/daughter dance i have ever seen. they danced like crazy, beautiful, silly, happy goofballs, moving and coordinating the cutest steps. it was GREAT. I really haven't seen such an adorable, healthy f/d dance. i LOVED it.
. the ceremony was at sunset giving it such a warm glow...
. favors were apples and snacks that guests could pack into a custom paper bag, see below. it was hysterically cute photo of nikki + kirk's faces pasted on the classic painting...

overall, there was a ton of love and excitement in the room and i was SO happy to be there.
thanks a bunch guys, it's been wonderful keeping in touch and i look forward to seeing you both and mina & nat soon...

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