Tuesday, January 01, 2008

lauren . words to make me beam

Lauren came to me and reserved a boudoir session this winter... Her best friend and her had decided to find their sensual side and have spent the last few months stepping outside themselves by participating in activities they never imagined they would ever try. She went on to say that her job requires her to dress unisex and found herself pulling out the same items in her days off and simply wanted to feel like a woman again... I learned they enrolled in pole dancing, went lingerie shopping, and tried a few other endeavors. I was the last piece to the puzzle.

She inspired me to reserve my own boudoir session, and look for that sexy side of myself :) I've been putting this off (I'm so accustomed to work behind the camera, I was leery of being in front of it.) But here I go, next month I will begin my journey... thanks, Lauren. you are right. we all need to feel beautiful. I've been the biggest hypocrite by avoiding my own session. I always tell clients not to worry, not to wait, the time is right now... trust me. Yet, I had a laundry list of reasons I wasn't "ready." not anymore; I set it up for early this year.

Here is the note I received the day after Lauren received her package. I was just a happy mess as I read her thoughts.

"I got the package today and I cannot stop smiling- I am actually tearing up because I am so happy. My first thought was- "Danielle needs billboards up and down the 405 so that every woman in Southern California knows that this is the photographers they want bar none."
I know we talked about my journey to feel sexy- beforethe shoot, I had basically resigned myself to being the "funny one"; that being sexy and confident wasn't in me. And in my other efforts to feel better about being a woman and gain confidence, I don't think I got very far in changing my own mind. Then I met you and during the photo shoot I felt it- I felt confident and sexy; I literally cannot think of a time where I felt better about myself. In fact, I was a little anxious to get the photos because I felt so good that I didn't want anything to take that away. But the photos are amazing. Better than amazing. You captured everything- if the person in the photograph didn't have my face, I would swear it wasn't me. But she does and it is me and I feel so good- I have found so much confidence through this process thank you so much. I think every woman needs to do this at least once in her life."

thank you, Lauren. for making me smile and remembering to take this time for myself as well.

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Jolene said...

oh my gosh Danielle!that's amazing! You BETTER post a couple pictures of yourself! I'm sure you will look breathtaking! and Lauren is right...every woman should do this at least once in her life...I'm just happy I chose you to do it for me. :)How's your boudoir web site coming along anyway?