Monday, September 01, 2008

the pink project . one more month

As many of you know, the pink project has been a project very close to my heart... I've been so proud and excited to be apart of it by donating $100 from each boudoir session over the last year and a half... October 31st will mark the finish of this goal (and well, this dream of mine) In the end; that date will also mark one year since my mother-in-law's passing due to breast cancer. If you are considering the beauty of boudoir; please consider reserving a session before this date to contribute to their heartfelt cause; proceeds benefiting breast cancer and rape... 
please pass this along we're close to my personal goal!!!! 
much love

as a side note, i know i've mentioned their book is available for purchase; but if you haven't picked up a copy yet-- do so!!!! Valerie is an incredibly talented photographer and this book as is the end result to a lot of hard work and dedication by both her and Michelle... Proceeds benefit both causes and it makes a great gift for survivors and photographers alike... 

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