Sunday, May 20, 2007

the pink project donation & skye blu boudoir

.skye blu boudoir & the pink project.
I am so proud to announce my involvement with The Pink Project.

I have been wanting to contribute to charity for quite some time, but wanted to find a project that would coincide with my love for boudoir photography and the response I have received from these sessions. When I began offering boudoir, it was offered as a gift to a lover and although that is still a wonderful reason for this experience, another benefit arose time and time again. I found that women were using these sessions as a means to self beauty, womanhood, self acceptance and healing (both mentally and physically.) In the end, its the self esteem that resonates; which has become the reason my love has grown for this type of photography. I wanted to find a charity that supports and embraces women.
I also have a deeper, very personal reason for wanting to donate to a charity.
My Mommas and my son.
May 12th is a very important day to me. This year, it marked the two year anniversary of my grandmother's (Mommas') death, whom I lost to breast cancer ...but also the one year anniversary of the day I went into labor with Lucas. Because of those two events, that day brings back sadness, but also a new found joy as I think of Lucas' arrival. May 12th really makes me see the circle of life; remembering the loss of someone who means the world to me, but also gaining a new, beautiful life as well... I was told I'd have difficulty getting pregnant and yet I conceived accidentally following her death. We jokingly call my son, Lucas, her parting gift.

Mommas was my second mom and was there every step of the way growing up. Seeing her battle changed me forever, and I'll never look at life nor death the same. Now, my mother-in-law has terminal breast cancer and is currently being treated with chemotherapy in efforts to slow her spreading cancer. There are so many families who are experiencing this illness and it stirs an uneasiness within.
When I found The Pink Project, it simply felt like home. The connection was instant and I knew I had found love in this heartfelt project.
The Pink Project is a fellow photographer's dream of publishing a coffee table book filled with images from survivors, activists, and celebrities who donated their time for this beautiful book. All proceeds from the book are given to two charities LABCA (Los Angeles Breast Cancer Alliance) and RAINN (Rape Abuse and Incest National Network)
I met with the two women who run this non profit organization and discussed how I'd like to help... From May of this year until October of 2008, I will donate $100 from each boudoir session with a goal of at least $10,000 to be given. I am starting the donations this month to honor the memory of my beautiful Mommas and will end in the month of October (2008), the National Breast Cancer month.

I am filled with such dizzying happiness knowing that I am about to begin this journey and hope that in some small way, these donations will help both charities. it is also helping to heal my own heart as I remember and yearn for my Mommas.
she'd kill me, but here is Mommas making a silly face; it brought so many giggles over the years...
I love you Mommas.