Sunday, May 20, 2007

pooja + rishi... their engagement

Pooja + Rishi met at UC Berkeley so when asked where they wanted their engagement session; there was no hesitation. We were off to the Bay Area! Together, we spent the afternoon visiting the locations that are special to their relationship, including "their tree." Once we left the campus, we headed to San Francisco to photograph the Golden Gate Bridge (well, the bottom of it anyway, thanks to the fog!) and even the place he proposed. Uhh... we think we photographed where he proposed. After much searching and hysterically walking in circles through the park, we kept ending up in the same spot. So, after debating the fact that there were more trees at the time of the proposal than now, we just decided that was the spot, and maybe the trees were cut down. it was settled...

All in all, we had a great time & even ended the night eating the best Chicago style pizza on planet earth. Thanks guys! I had a blast!