Thursday, January 15, 2009

the new studio . moving day

. moving day .

It's official; a 100 year old renovated barn in Pasadena is the new home for Skye Blu Photography!!!!!!! After three years in the previous loft; I decided to make the move to another look; new year, new inspiration. The new studio will still focus on boudoir; however the look will be a beautiful & classic option for babies, pregnancy, and children sessions as well... 

Once completed early next month; the new space will include:

a claw foot bath tub
two beds (I've added an all white, hand carved bed for a simple & pretty bedroom look)
a vintage window to shoot through
vintage furniture
high beamed ceilings
wood flooring
cream colored walls
natural light (once again; i'm lucky to have as locale filled with incredible natural lighting)
a meeting area to review albums, canvases, and such
a relaxing balcony to lounge on :) 
and other goodies

Looking forward to an inspiring new year in this new locale... 
Please contact me for any questions & to reserve a session within the new space!!!!!


Steve D said...

Wow! Based on your photo - what a great palette you've got for your studio. It sounds like your plans will make the place into a fantastic photography space! Congrats!!!!!!!! Now tht I've seen the "before," I can't wait to see the "after!"

R said...

Congrats on the new space Danielle!! Sounds like it's going be very cool. :)

Suthi Picotte said...

Ya!!! How exciting!! I can't wait to see it!

kristin said...

Sounds AMAZING Danielle! The space already has so much character, I can't wait to see how it looks after you've dolled it up!

caroline tran said...

yeah! i also look forward to seeing the "after"! i can see some really cool baby shoots there!

Chelsea Elizabeth said...

your new studio looks amazing!!! I'd love to see it. You are going to get such amazing portraits in there!

Marilyn said...

Congrats on the new location, it's looks great! You find the greatest locations!