Thursday, February 01, 2007

juliane + matt --slide show-- adamson house, malibu

Matt and Juliane are so down to earth and truly remembered the meaning of the day; never getting caught up within the haste of the events... The entire wedding simply flowed and their incredible detail and hard work paid off making their wedding unique and really personal. They casually saw one another in the morning and even entered the ceremony together which made for a really serene setting, it seemed to show a special bond. They were completely at ease, looking forward to what was to come. I liked how relaxed and easing going the vibe was. Juliane sang an Irish song to her groom during the ceremony, the couple (along with the help of close friends) also handmade over one thousand origami cranes to fulfill the Chinese belief of good fortune. The cranes were everywhere! The Adamson house held tours throughout the afternoon which allowed the guests to explore... Bottom line? It was a good day. a great day.

Click here for a complete slide show....

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