Thursday, December 20, 2007

. happy holidays .

I just LOVE this time of year; from Thanksgiving to New Year's is such an amazing time; I love it all-- call me crazy, but even the long shopping lines are fine by me. This year I took on cooking our Thanksgiving dinner. Above is the photograph of my very first turkey and me --oh and the clenched waving fists is my happy/excited motion; not sure why i do this but am well aware it looks goofy :)
I wasn't quite sure how it would turn out so back up plans were in place (take out!!) But ultimately, it was a great dinner and I was oh so proud! My first turkey!!! I made lemon & herb turkey, butternut squash with pesto, mashed potatoes, salad, and a cranberry apple relish---I owe it all to (my food haven) SO fun!! Now, I just need to work on timing; hot food is always nicer, but I guess that'll come with time and until then, my family will patiently enjoy lukewarm dining :) Wish me luck for this Christmas' dinner!!!!

I hope everyone has enjoyed the holiday season thus far!

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Jolene said...

great job Danielle!!! That's a huge accomplishment. I still go to mom and dad's where Thanksgiving dinner is just waiting to be eaten. :) Lucas is so darling. Happy Holidays!