Sunday, February 03, 2008

the belated (very belated) holiday recap

We had a nice relaxing holiday season. Close to Christmas, we headed to The Gentle Barn (home to rescued and rehabilitated animals), then to Disneyland for a couple of days... John's extended family had a big dinner at El Torito, then on Christmas day, we hosted Christmas dinner to both of our immediate families which was fun. I made another turkey; this time it was a little dry but still edible. It was a really nice season... I had so much fun. Lucas just went wild over everything; loved it all. the animals, disneyland, opening presents... so fun.

this one above just makes me smile so big, it's cuter larger. click to see the larger version.

and while most were ringing in the new year with parties and cocktails... guess what i did?! nothing :) absolutely nothing and it was all i ever hoped it would be. i was by myself ringing in the new year... john and the baby went to visit family and i elected to stay home to veg out. During those two days I crammed in all kinds of things I love doing yet don't find time for: reading, writing, going to the movies (Juno), drank hot chocolate on my patio at dusk under the Xmas lights, sat around and SLEPT IN.

it was wonderful. :)

here's to an amazing new year (can't believe we are already two months in!)

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