Wednesday, April 04, 2007

San Diego boudoir... a glimpse

I occasionally photograph boudoir on location and Stephanie had agreed to show a some of her recent session. Here is a glimpse into Steph's boudoir session at the US Grant in San Diego... Chris joined us for a few shots as well...
It's funny... Poor Steph was my guinea pig for so many of my early photography projects almost nine years ago. She hasn't been in front of my camera since; so it was fun to reminisce about all of those afternoons of her patiently waiting for me as I tried to create my geeky visions & experiments. You know the overdone implied nude with wings? Yeah, we did that. the prom dress and the dumpster? check. Hollywood glamour? yup. spinning in the middle of the road? uh-huh. cupping water in her hands at the river? what?!? yeah, that too...
It really was the topless photograph with wings that sparked an interest in my photographing boudoir.

thanks, Steph.

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