Monday, April 30, 2007

sylvia + jimmy

Last October, Sylvia + Jimmy threw a killer party with decor that belongs in the pages of magazines...
The day was filled with special touches, so many aspects were put together by the couple & their loved ones (place cards candles, invitations, favors, etc.) Sylvia pinned a locket with her father's photograph to her bouquet and clutched it so that her Dad was able to walk with her down the aisle in spirit. During the reception, Jimmy serenaded his new wife with the song he played during their proposal (early in the day, he was a bit nervous about the performance, and decided to practice as Sylvia was getting ready!) He pulled it off beautifully, and his Dad even added to the night by playing the clarinet for the guests...
I love when couples integrate components that are unique to their life and relationship; it just adds an aesthetic that speaks volumes to their commitment and gives the guests a fun, signature experience.
All of their vendors were impeccable, each helped to make the day as special as it was...

coordination: A Girl's Best Friend's Wedding & Event Planning headed by Diane Robinson
candied apples:
make up/hair: Joyce Luck team 909.239.0236
location: Long Beach Museum of Art
catering: Craig's Extraordinary Catering
videography: Isabel Gonzalez
reception live music: Bino's Entertainment Group
cake: Rossmoor Pastries
floral: City of Commerce Flowers

The couple posted a review on and when she told me to check it out, I just broke down. yep. tears were flowing.. It's so moving to be able to capture such intimate memories, and to have the chance to catch a glimpse into each couple's love story. i just love it.
Thank you, Sylvia + Jimmy for allowing me to be a part of this enire process....

"Danielle Biel was one of the best investments we had made for the wedding. Have you ever met such a down to earth, sweet, person that is so good at what she does? Danielle did our engagement photos, my boudoir photos and our wedding photos. I barely ever noticed her and her assistant during the wedding. Like she had told us, she would be like a "fly on the wall". If you are looking for something a little different than the typical wedding picture style, look into her. I loved how our engagement photos came out and she made me feel so glamorous during my photo shoot for boudoir. She always makes you feel so comfortable. I love her edgy, artistic style. She is a believer in film photography (no digital ever with her) and she is amazing at it. I am so utterly happy about the way my pictures came out. What sold me with Danielle is that you will get all of your negatives, all of your proofs, proof albums, and a high resolution CD of your photos. I was so surprised when I received all of my proofs because I did not realize how many photos she had taken that day. The focus on details and the artsy edge was phenomenal. I’m in love with Danielle’s photo taking expertise." -Sylvia + Jimmy Lee

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