Friday, November 23, 2007

sara + austin . published [and kind words to make me cry]

A good day.
The beautiful [inside and out, truly...] Sara Prince wrote me this e-mail that made me flat out cry... posted below.
On top of that, I arrived at my studio to see copies of the most recent Santa Barbara magazine waiting for me... where I found one of their wedding photographs displayed on a full page. Sara is the art director for the magazine, so lucky for her (and I!!) that meant she could give herself a big ol' full page spread :)
congrats you both. thank you. "thank you thank you thank you thank you... times a million.

hi danielle, what a treat to come home to a box on my doorstep this evening...we've spent the last few hours POURING over the photos and i'm a little speechless... i HAD to write you tonight -i just couldn't wait- but my words would be so much better if i gave it a day or so... i'm so excited and happy that i know i won't get it quite right... but here goes...i'm overjoyed... your photos are amazing... you captured *it all* and then some... and so gracefully, i might add... you did the most incredible job... the details... the little moments... the unexpected moments... i literally couldn't be a happier camper!!!!!you & suthi completely ruled... in every imaginable way...aside from actually getting married, working with you was one of the best decisions we made in the whole process... we will have memories that will last us a lifetime and beyond from these photos... both austin and i (and my mom!) thank you from the very, very bottom of our hearts for everything... you were so incredible to work with and i'm so glad you were a part of our day...huge, massive, endless thank you's and lots & lots of love...xoxo sara (ps: my cheeks hurt from an evening of non-stop smiling... i'm off to bed to give 'em a rest!!)"

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