Saturday, November 10, 2007

. van + vu . the engagement/bridal session .

an engagement session is always included within my wedding packages, as I feel it gives the clients and I an opportunity to connect. it's a chance to get to know one another a bit more, but also to give them a preview regarding what to expect from me on their big day. I want to ensure they are comfy so that when the wedding comes around they can feel at ease and, well, pretty much ignore me. (which is what i want!!! its how those real moments are caught!) van + vu decided to break theirs into two portions: engagement session, then bridal shoot. i loved it! we had a great time walking around old town pasadena; their videographer even came along to grab footage for a cool montage to be played at their reception! the wedding was awesome; filled with tradition and beauty... i'll post it soon!

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