Sunday, November 04, 2007

. the pink project update + the loss of a loved one .

. Betsy Biel 1955-2007.

It's been six months since my announcement regarding my participation with the pink project. Being that we just completed October, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I thought it was time for an update.

Unfortunately the end of October also brought an end to my mother-in-law's fight with breast cancer. Betsy passed away on October 31st in the company and love of our family, and I'm just heart broken that she's gone. She was a beautiful woman and stayed so positive throughout her two year battle (something I highly admire and can't say that I'd necessarily be the same) We miss and love her tremendously. I can only hope that a cure is found soon so that families and loved ones won't feel the pain this disease has brought to us...

despite taking over a month off from working on boudoir; i'm happy to report that $3400 has been donated to date. thank you to all who have reserved boudoir sessions.
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